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Health Club

Unleash the self-healing power of your body. Treat yourself to a touch of luxury and enjoy the great facilities of our Health club. We have something for everyone, whether need a specific healing or if you are looking for relaxation and destressing, at our facility you can confidently lower your shoulders and pamper yourself.



Immerse yourself to the end of vista where the epitome of wellness embraces your body and soulalike at our rooftop infinity pool, where you are greeted by the breath-taking view of the lush green flora, sun-kissed and cloud masked Western Ghats and the pure grandeur of the Knowledge City. Whether to take few of your master strokes or to just immerse yourself in serenity, this indescribable feeling of being able to swim to the end of the horizon and watching nature’s spectacle is simply remarkable.


Focusing on yourself is important, and if you don’t have the time for fitness during the day, don’t worry! We’re open. Fezinches has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that you need to meet your health and
fitness requirements.

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