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Things To Do

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FEZINN welcomes you to visit India’s biggest Cultural Centre at a walking distance from your room. A mixture of six world-renowned architectural excellence, the Cultural Centre will keep you excited with the magnificent building in the promising venues for cultural exchanges and gatherings. FEZINN ensure that you are having a valuable time at Cultural Centre. You can meet new people, and be part of new celebrations”


FEZINN invites your esteemed presence to feel the nature. Take a dip in FEZINN’s marvelous infinity pool that blends with the nature. The lush green surroundings provide you a sense of calm. You can also feel the magnanimity of Wayanad hills around FEZINN HOTEL. Year around pleasant weather and the famous Monsoon season creates the perfect setting for your relaxation and enjoyment.


The locality of FEZINN is a prime attraction to explore a rich local culture. People of Kerala are keen in maintaining its culture and heritage with respect. A mixed culture of people from different ethnic and cultural background keep you alive and you see how new opportunities and experiences enthral you.


Markaz Knowledge City, where FEZINN HOTEL is located, is a premiere initiative in South India promoting social entrepreneurship. By extending educational and humanitarian services across India and abroad including GCC nations, you can feel how a social centric movement bring the people from across the globe into a peaceful and creative domain. Inclusiveness of this nature of the community around FEZINN HOTEL will gift you a new experience of social entrepreneurship.


Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, the founder of Jamia Markaz is a public figure representing Indian Muslim community in global domains and international conferences. A well known Sufi scholar who stands for peace and friendship among people and nations, Sheikh is a man of action in educational, cultural, spiritual and charity activities spreading the message of harmony and peace. Inspiring thousands of people from all walks of life regardless nationality, religion or any other limitations, Sheikh is a multi-faceted personalities leads people into enlightenment. Many business models developed in India inspired by his vision as well. So is Markaz Knowledge City project.


FEZINN is situated at an attractive location surrounded by many educational institutions. The first ever Unani Medical College in Kerala- Markaz Unani Medical College and Research Centre, Markaz Law College, affiliated with Bar Council of India, New Delhi and University of Calicut, Alif Global School, first of its kind in India having inclusive international syllabus and amenities, and Markaz Sharea College are the major educational destinations in Markaz Knowledge City.

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